Either you are a busy bee but still want the benefits of having houseplants or you are just starting up with plants, these 5 plants are *novice proof*.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia


ZZ plants might be one of the easiest plants to care for. They love to be neglected and will continue looking lush in your space. What more could we possibly want?

I water mine every 6 weeks and currently it’s in my hallway which doesn’t get much light at all. If in a bright room, I’d probably adjust watering to every 4 weeks. 

These plants don’t require much water due to their potato-looking roots. Have you ever repotted one? They can get massive! The older and bigger the plant is, the bigger its fist-size base roots will be. These hold lots of water and keep the plant going for long periods. Therefore, if too much water is given, they can rot. They are absolutely the perfect plant to forget watering! Double-Win!

Euphorbia Lactea

These plants are so incredibly pretty and get triple points because of their lack of water needs. I give mine a light watering once a month and as long as you have a very bright spot for it, they will be happy - Preferably a window sill. 

This plant isn’t an actual cactus but it is a succulent. Fun fact about these plants, they don’t grow as they are sold. They are 2 species of succulents that have been put (grafted) together. Normally the base is a common Euphorbia plant base (in this case a Euphorbia Neriifolia) and the top part is the Lactea succulent. This process makes it possible to have such a white and unique Euphorbia Lactea thrive and survive easier. Because the plant is so white and doesn’t contain any green to it, it struggles to do photosynthesis. When successfully grafted to a green base, it survives through its base plant – How amazing is nature?

Sansevieria Masoniana Victoria

These plants are stunning and visually super striking. Perfect for lovers of structure and architecture. They are extremely sleek and sharp looking. They are part of the snake plant family but due to its shape, it got nicknamed Whale Fin – kinda cute! They are normally happy with one watering a month.

Aglaonema ‘Salmon Red’

Aglaonema is such a fun plant! They come in all sorts of different colours and patterns, definitely an easy species to fall into the dozens number collection.

Some of the green specimens tend to survive well with just artificial light hence why we can find these species in lots of office spaces. The colourful and white ones tend to need a little more light but in terms of watering regime, they are all pretty much the same. I find that they don’t like much water at all. The small plants normally get a light watering every 2 weeks for the majority of the year.

You will only have a problem with these plants if you give them water too regularly or when they stay wet for long periods. So little water is best! Sometimes I find them extremely light and dry but still happy – it is hard to fight the watering instinct, but it has worked for meJ


I couldn’t complete this list without mentioning everyone’s favourite, the Devil’s Ivy. I prefer to call them Pothos. 

This plant group is built around the heart-shaped vine plants that can be grown as hanging plants or as a standing plants when supported by a pole. Personally, I prefer the whole jungly hanging plant look. 

These plants tend to be quite drought resistant and will show deflating signs when dehydrated. Unless left to an extreme, this tends to be completely reversible with a good soak – They perk right up in a couple of hours.