Strelitzia Nicolai

Bird of Paradise or Strelitzia Nicolai, this plant is stunning. Grows into super big plants and its leaves are just breathtaking. This plant also grows outside and it is quite hardy. We specially love when the leaves natural get cuts. This happens naturally as the leaves grow or sometimes while unfurling.

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Dimensions Breakdown (A) Nursery Pots CM (B) Total Height CM
M 19 65
L 19 80

Care Guide


This plant absolutely loves lots of light. If you want it to go crazy with new growth just provide it with plenty of bright light. This plant also grows outside in weather permitting locations and can also take direct sunlight.


This plant generates big and wide leaves and water is needed to it can be kept lush. Water the plant frequently during growing season and the soil can even be kept moist. If in direct sunlight bare in mind that it will need more water. During Winter, let the soil dry almost completely before waterings.


This plant loves moisture. Spray it once a week – ideally with filtered water as scale can create damage.

Other Tips

Make sure to clean all leaves with a dry cloth – dust can affect its absorption of light. You can feed your plant every 2 weeks during growing season with a balanced fertiliser. Bird of Paradise plants can actually bloom if enough light and warm is provided, this can only happen when the plant has a minimum of 3-5 years old.



Toxic for pets and children if eaten.


South Africa.


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