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Dischidia 'Pangolin Kisses'

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How cute! We love all the quirky plants, this bubbly around ‘leaves’ are the best! When in ideal conditions it will give you some cute white flowers.


Size (A) Nursery Pot CM (B) Total Height CM
7 10

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Getting shipping right is something we take very seriously. We ship on specific days depending on where you are, to avoid your plants sitting at a depot over the weekend. Excludes Bank Holidays. 

Plants & Pots are some of the nicest gifts to receive and we want to make it memorable. 

If you wish to gift someone special, just make sure you add you message in the cart page and we will include a hand written note with your order. 

It will be wrapped with lots of love and care. Alternatively if you don’t know exactly what to get, you can always purchase a gift card here.

The pictures of our plants show the style of plant you are receiving unless otherwise stated. As a living being, there may be some differences in the exact look and size of the plant. Height is measured from the bottom of the nursery pot until the tip of the plant, kindly allow a +/- 10% variance in size.



There plants like bright indirect sunlight can tolerate lower light but not direct.


This plant needs careful attention when watering - It does not like to be wet. Overwatering will cause root rot. Let it almost dry completely before watering again.

care tips

These plants love high humidity. A way of keeping the humidity high is to group several plants together or by sitting them on a tray of pebbles and water, along with misting a few times a week.

Make sure to clean all leaves with a dry cloth – dust can affect its absorption of light.


This plant is native from South East Asia.


Having as little impact as possible is extremely important for us. 

We only use recycled kraft paper and cotton string to pack all orders. Our boxes are FSC certified and the packaging peanuts made of starch which are compostable and water soluble.